Squeaky Clean is Polishing Up Their Act

At Squeaky Clean we deliver a high quality cleaning service to homes, businesses and landlords in the letting and holiday industry. All of our staff are PNC checked and are trained to put our customers first.  Whilst the rest of Britain moves towards the end of the holiday season, here in York we have an all year, four season tourist industry. Business visitors and tourists just keep coming.

Imagine how they would feel to face a dirty shower room or sticky kitchen surfaces, Not with Squeaky Clean of York in your corner. One of our landlady clients was recently awarded a FIVE STAR tourism industry accolade for the excellent cleanliness and professional presentation of her luxury holiday apartment.

 It can be a hard life running a small cleaning business. Everyone who can use a mop and a duster thinks they can undercut your prices. This is only possible because, unlike established legitimate businesses, the cowboys pay no taxes, carry no insurance and don't care whether their workers are checked against the Police National Computer.

If you know any investment property owners just ask them if they want to upgrade the quality of their cleaning services without breaking the bank. Squeaky Clean of York charge reasonable rates but deliver high standards of service. Ellen and her team are ready to help all we need is your recommendation and an introduction, we'll do the rest.